lundi 18 avril 2016

Crossout Review

So God force me to buy this for 20$. I would not buy product from this company even if War Of Thunder is good. Because they use the cheating progressive system.

The game worked almost correctly at the beginnings but at some point I'm very nerfed(4x less damage) and the enemy got some serious better weapons.

But I want to point here, that despite the progressive system, we got something interesting. So if you don't mind the cheating progressive system and like vehicular combat, I suggest to give it a try. For 20$, it's worth it.


The graphics are ok to nice and the sound is real good. The gameplay is a lot of fun, especially at the beginnings but get a bit bad with more advanced games because of the unfairness of the weaponry.

Crafting look like a lot of fun but unfortunately, there is not much info about how it work yet. Maybe we'll get more when the it will leave Beta phase.

The menu are the interface is all cool and well done.

Definitely a nice product here.

But I'll only give it a 6/10 because of the lack of video tutorial and because of the unfairness.

See you in my realm Gaijin!

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