lundi 28 mars 2016

Adr1ft: Bad checkpoints?

This game was looking good in the video preview I've seen. So I bough it today to find out if my expectation was good.

It started a bit low with no intro to the catastrophy and just trow like this in the scenario. But at least I got a tutorial to explain well the control.

Than I played like 25 minutes and it was cool. Rocket science is cool!

Than I died and when I restarted I needed to do a part again that took me like 5 minutes. I conclude the checkpoints are bad and I quitted the game for good.

Now the question is: Are the checkpoints bad or it's matter of taste? Does some people like to restart from far? In my case, I prefer a lot of checkpoints and restart from near. It took me 5 minutes of well driving the rocket to achieve it and it does not make any sense that I need to restart that.

Someday, when I'll have people with me, people that can answer my question that I can trust the answer, I'll find out if this game is a 27 crap, a troll joke, or a matter of taste.

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