vendredi 16 octobre 2015

Vermintide impression

I have give some good impression on G+ and despite the problems I have with the game that are for sure nags, the game is a lot of fun.

I doubt I can say this is in a beta phase. More like in a alpha. But still this product is good enough to be played by me and the mass imo. And btw, about how good and unbugged a game should be to be released to the public is a new debate to me that I'm going to work on and especially if gamers start to talk to me.

The graphics are nice but it come with a lot of bugs. It make look the game dumb but I don't mind much in my case.

The gameplay is good. We for sure not get something better than L4D2 but something enough good to make me play a lot these day until other product are available to me. The game is a lot about melee fight and I doubt it give the same feeling as good L4D2 melee feeling but still enough good to attract me.

While I think about it, I doubt the sound is that good either. But like in all games, I don't have 5.1. It would nice to get this to hear them when they reach my back. I'm not saying the sound is not good, it's good.

There is some cool side stuff too. The way to connect to server is special and cool. The score at the end of the games are cool too with the stuff I acquire. For sure a nice game on the aspect of the menus and interface.

I'm not surprise that I can do a nice score in this game. I was doing well in L4D2 and I was expecting to be good in that game too. You better have a nice team to beat the normal mode that is hard imo. Of course harder mode sound possible.

L4D2 still the King(like expected from the videos) of the Mat Known coop games!

Edit: I don't think the game is good enough to be buy for now. I pretend it's more in alpha state than beta state and some problems are very frustrating. Maybe the solution could be to play at easy but anyway until the game is release I'm going to wait to play more.

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