lundi 24 août 2015

Amoured Wafare EA

Not sure why God force me to play that cheating crap. First and like I said, they found a way to cheat legit and I'm not one of their fish. The progressive system is plain lame. I just played and the starting tank cannot even perforate enemy tank by shooting them in the back at close range.

So again, I'm not going to play game with such system. Now it's not the nerf, it's alpha tester that got 10x stronger tank for at least 2 month of playing and I bet that when I'll have the good tanks the game will cease to work.

The game is not even good with this gay and noobish gameplay. Auto-aim for the mass, wallhack for the mass and bright skin for the mass. Plain gay gameplay.

For the rest of the game, well it's good but it's not finished. It's EA like I said in the article tittle.

This game is worth 15 cent. Another scam for me. I can't believe they even still my cash in the front of the eyes of the whole place.

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