jeudi 9 juillet 2015

Rocket league review

It's out since two day on Steam and some rumour pretend it's popular on Playstation network because it's free. 80 000 players yesterday the rumour said.

It's a nice little cyber-sport that has his problems.

First problem, the difficulty level. There is nothing between rookie and pro and even if rookie is not that easy because some team are better, why should a good player like me is needed to play a difficulty mode that sound for newbie of gaming or normal skilled players? Ok, I'm new at this game but like if I don't do good and like if the pro mode that should be normal mode is not too hard. The bots are plain insane at pro difficulty. Imo, the good teams of rookie should be all team of pro and the game would be fine than on that aspect.

Second, the price. It's a nice product, but I'd say 10$ could have more fair as a price. I could be mistaken on that although because if I play this more than 10 hours, the price could be correct. But I've played like 45 minutes and I'm already bored and I doubt I'm going to play more than that. But I'll keep the shortcut on the desktop and we'll see later if I play some more and if the price is all fine or not.

For the gameplay, it's fun and it work well. The graphics are nice and the interface is better than some 3A product; Must be because of the version that are kept for the best of the best. The music is ok but like always far from good music that up the mood when victory like it should.

One problem, the ball height on ground maker could have been indicated with colour and the game would make more sense in this case: Blue for high, orange for medium and red for close to the ground.

Also, I'm learning how to play and there is for sure space for teamwork. This game could be interesting to play with friends vs friends.

You can also customize the cars and this is a good feature. The tutorial and the menu is all good.


Graphics 9/10: Good art style and dated. Nice interface and menu. More content could have give 10.
Sound 5/10: Good sound but no good music.
Gameplay 8/10: Well done but some stuff is missing imo.

+ Cool little sportive game
+ Nice interface
+ Complete polished and finish game with mp and stats and tutorial

- Price
- Some problems about difficulty
- Feature missing that make the gameplay a bit odd. Ground maker ball height

I've think about it and for sportive and competition reason. I think it would be better to have a button that center on the ball on camera to play height. This would be better than color marker.


The rookie team does not hit the ball at start correctly: Too easy to score

And for competition matter, turbo should be remember on new rounds.

The menu selection don't goes to last option with reverse direction on first option.

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