vendredi 5 juin 2015

How I would program the bots or the dinosaur in Ark(From someone that barely know what if else mean)

There is categories of dinosaur. There is the huge one and the raptor size for example. An AI that I call a script need to be made for each categories. Of course with some change on each dinosaur.

Let's start with the rule for all of the dinosaur:
I will with the map maker, put marker-structure around all stuff that cannot be enter in. The rock and trees for example. The maker are some kind of line that would like to be use like the laso in photoshop. The reason of these marker is if the dino go near that it will turn around or go back. Sound easier to me to make the pathfinding that way.

Than come the ground. They need to place their foot on the ground. So on this, the ground will receive colour first on the map maker-terrain. These colour can be switch on\off of course when the mapper work on something else. Green would meant normal ground and red impasse. These colour are marker again for the AI program that expect I'll need. Now I'm not sure how I could make the foot on the right angle with the angle of the terrain. Sound like there is always a xyz for the dino and xyz for the map. I mean, anywhere you can go in the map, you have a xyz. So when the dino is in a region it first check, the program first check, what angle the foot need to be by checking the xyz location and value of this location that define the angle of the ground. I will for sure need to work on this a lot. I'm not even sure if foot need to be that accurate btw.

For the Trex:
There is maker on the dino. Marker one is on the end of the face and some other on the foot and tale. If maker1(end of face) touch marker red-structure than turn random direction and move until you find another structure marker. The first if of the AI program is always the foot angle. So if maker green can go, if map xyz angle 30 degree, foot 30 degree. If marker-terrain red, random turn around or direction, move until marker-structure or maker-terrain.

It's not that hard imo. I'm sure I can do it.

For the house, use the marker on the dino and if maker-dino is 1mm of marker-strucutre(house), turn random: turn around or direction.

Now the problem with ark is teleportation, no clue how to fix this. And for the animation that is kind of messy when he turn, I don't undertand how to do that. I guess that the program need to say that when x happend use module dino move(another program that has command line for directing or facing a 3d model on a map) on x direction.

When I do a program like Ark, it come with a 3d engine? I guess this is module that can be call with command and switch?

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