mardi 16 juin 2015

Amored Warfare, another tank game ala World of Tank and WarThunder but with modern tanks

This game is in alpha or something and it look promising. The problem is, it appear that the wallhack is on for the whole town. So I'm going to try it a little but for sure not going to play long. Anyway, I though it could be good to write a bit about it.

So I'm watching SideStrafe, that Youtuber, for a while playing it. I think the game require some bug fix like shooting through objects but most of it appear to be well finish. Modern tank and all the modern stuff sound to me much better than ww2 retardation. Hellfire from light tank, Tanks on wheel and even good artillery that we can see in the video that I'm going to give at the end of this post. In modernity, tanks are faster and stronger. This can only be good for the gameplay: If something is annoying and boring with WOT and WT it's the slow tanks that are almost all tanks.

The game is like the two others for choosing the tank: So xp point and cash. And you buy them from mercenary black market or something like that. I think I prefer this idea to nation. I don't really like to play Germans until I get German and btw I don't really like to play their weapons either: My tank game would have fictional modern tanks. There is a lot of more stuff to get and buy, gadget and the crew thing(see French video at the end of this post for more info). All this look pretty good. There is not a tons of tanks but I estimate like 40. Which is far enough to play a while.

I'm very sad of the Gameplay chosen by Obsidian Entertainment like I was for those who made the two other ww2 tank games. This is a very bad gameplay for me. Wallhack is a crap. And even if it's possible for my mind to make wallhack in modern tank, I doubt I could start playing a tank game with wallhack. Also I'm not even sure if the wallhack is for everybody. They could try to make me use the hack to kill my clean reputation. Also, I prefer the MWO model for getting vehicle and stuff but if I play the first day it's release than it sound fair to me. But for new comer that come some times after release, it is not fair; That's why I claim that buying model is not good. I also almost pretend that it has been made for legit cheating purpose.

Release date: Unknown
Current version: EA
Official site:

SideStrafe doing some ownage
Présentation du jeux par un autre Youtuber(French)

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