vendredi 27 avril 2018

About the inconsistency of Frostpunk I have talk on Twitter...

I'm not sure if they are bugs or glitch. Or if it's nags just for me.

Let's see a couple:

  • All the resources are limited bu the frozen forest? And there is a tech to harvest trees in the wall? Doesn't make any sense to me.
  • I got only one dead and I got body problem in town?
  • What is the point of the expensive coil mine that even take a core if there is the wood to coal factory?
  • 1 dead outside the town remove all my hope and up my discontent and finally is the cause of the destruction of my city?
  • What was the solution the Lodon revolt. I'd like to hear!?

Frostpunk walkthrough to something like day 16

Note that my version is set to hard if not very hard. Which mean that I harvest less for the same amount of time. And I think that discontent and hope are also nerfed. And possibly some more stuff.

Note that this walkthrough it to beat the game or reach day 16 at hard or very hard. And if you do that at normal or easy, you're going to have a very prosperous city.


Discontent: Level of happiness of the citizen. It can go up and down. And if it go too up, they will revolt and push your command and the game is over.

Hope: More it is up, better it is. I think this have modifier on all things: for example, with a better hope, they harvest more each hours.


The first thing to understand first is that the game give the option to save the games. And I strongly suggest to save from time to time. If you need to restart, than, use the save games and you won't need to restart from too far from the beginning.

The important thing to understand second is the resources. You need to harvest and use them well to always have some of them. I mean that if you do mistake, you will ran out of, for example, wood and the game will be over. So just to explain quickly: you need to harvest wood at the beginning with loot crate and move on the sawmill and the frozen forest at some point.

Than, third, the thing you need to understand is how to construct around the heater. You absolutely need to build on the first level and than on the second level and so on. This way, the citizen will have a decent heat and not get sick and discontent and I guess possibly have more hope. So you need to fill the first circle level. And at the beginning you need to do homeless because you need to save space to other stuff than house. 

So let's start with:

  1. Assign 15 workers to cache lootcrate
  2. Assign 15 workers to one cache coil
  3. Assign 15 workers to one cache coil
  4. Build 4 house
  5. Build hunting house and cooking, assign the max workers
  6. Build a research facility and assign the max engineer to  it
As you can see, we will start to harvest so we can construct stuff and supply the heater. Than we will construct some building so the discontent don't raise, the hope raise and the citizen don't get sick or die.

If you have trouble and don't have enough workers, use the law and make work the kids.

Now our goal will be to make our city perfect so it can pass though time. So what we'll do is pass to level 2 range of heater and than level 2 of global heating. The range first because you need to more building than what the first circle level has to offer. 

But before or meanwhile achieving our goal, we'll need to pass from collecting resources from cache to forest and mining. Because there is a limit of cache.

And we'll to recruit with the scout/bacon to have more citizen and so more workers

So what we do next:

(God will possibly allowing me to write the rest)

mercredi 25 avril 2018

Frostpunk Review

I think you need a wicked mind to succeed at this game without restarting all over: you need to do homeless to save space for research facility.

So like I said, this game, or to beat this game, it is possible that you need to start all over again a couple of time. Which don't interest me.

But it's nice, well made. And not too costly. I don't curate it.

jeudi 19 avril 2018

Games on tablet/Android

I want to point that I have got a lot of fun with the games there. Of course, there is 024 tag everywhere and only a few games worked perfectly.

These games are good, really worth it in my book. Some of them are expensive but a lot of them are cheap and bring a lot of fun.

I never thought these games could have been that good.

mercredi 7 mars 2018

Gravel Mini-Review

I haven't finish the game but I doubt it will change. I did like the half.

This is a nice game that work well. Well made with good menu and other cool stuff such as the announcer.

The tracks and the different cars/trucks are all a lot of fun. I would not say that game is much a arcade one but it's arcade for some stuff in my book.


dimanche 3 décembre 2017

Forza 7 Review

As expected, this series doesn't make any sense to me now since I'm somehow a pro cyber-racer. Still, it appear to be a good game and some to a lot of people could like it because they play with the lines or even maybe because they know all tracks.

A racing simulation game need a practice session and qualifying session to make sense. Assesto Corsa and Project Cars succeed with this. Forza, need to racing line with the brake indication and the trajectory. Which is not fun to me.

The career was looking interesting despite the lag spike I had. And also, the amount of money given for winning a race, 10k, was a joke in my book. They should give much more money so we can try a lot of this cars.

Finally, the download size of 90gig is just insane. They should learn to use Winrar or something.

vendredi 17 novembre 2017

Endless Space_2 is a good game but

So I tried the demo on Steam and it was worth my time.

It's a similar game to CIV series but in space.

It's a game as good as CIV series. With all the good stuff to make it a good game. And in my book, it's good futurism.

But the problem is, no early war or rush. And no deep tech separation. I mean, it's impossible to attack unless 40 turn have been play, to not say even more. And this is not very funny and competitive. Make me remember CIV5 that was not really good because some things, the city defence, was offering a similar gameplay. Than the technologies: It's impossible to go in a single way: Everybody do quite the same; Not exactly the same but quite. So both of these things would refrain me to play this game.

But I guess that if CIV 5 have been made a similar way to this game it must be because it's good for some people. So go ahead for it. It's on Free-weekend right now.